Ahnvee Resort & Sports held the first  BBQ COMPETITION on July 4, 2018, in Sosua Puerto Plata, in the activity had participants from Santo Domingo, Brazil, Argentina, Jamaica, United States, and Europe.

All the participating restaurants began with the sale of their dishes from 12:00 pm, the competition started at 5:00 in the afternoon, the categories evaluated were: Ribs, Chicken and hamburgers, the participants were evaluated by 5 judges, all experts in culinary art and/or grills. 

BBQ COMPETITION is the first grill competition on the North Coast, the objective is to continue creating great events, and to continue betting on the cultural development of the city. In Ahnvee all the activities of the weekends are open to the public, with the purpose that you visualize them as the first meeting point between friends and family. “We thank all the participants, the public, the press, our sponsors Ciclón, tropical fabrics, Egger Beer, Crave, Stix, the jury, and all those who trusted the project. We can say Misión Cumplida, in Ahnvee Resort we are the headquarters of the great events of the North Coast “. Competitors: Tree House, Bourbon Street & Grill, El Dorado & Urban Cabana, Jamaica Swizzele Mix, El Asadero Rincon Parrillo, El Sabor Dominicano and Big D’s. 

Winners by categories were: HAMBURGER: 1st Place Bourbon Street, 2nd Place El Dorado, 3rd Place El Sabor Dominicano CHICKEN: 1st Place Big D’S Place, 2nd Place Bourbon Street, 3rd Place The Tree House RIBS: 1st. Big D’S Place, 2nd. El Asadero  Rincon Parrillero, 3rd Place The Tree House The Independence Day of the United States is a national holiday celebrated on July 4 and marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 in which the country proclaimed its formal separation of the British Empire. AHNVEE RESORT is the new all-inclusive hotel in Sosúa, located in the Batey, has 3 a la carte restaurants, 2 swimming pools, transport to the beach, exclusive rooms, and excellent customer service, visit us on the networks like @ahvnveeresort.

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