As if it were not enough to have some of the most attractive beaches of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, this tourist community of Sosúa has been awarded a new gift of nature.

It is a new beach, formed by the sea to the amazement of residents and tourists on the same coastline that bathes the picturesque neighborhood known as “El Batey”, founded in 1938 by 500 Jewish immigrants persecuted by anti-Semitic intolerance, which They were welcomed by the Dominican Government of the time.

According to the website, the Alicia beach, or Water Front, as it is now known, began to be formed in 2003 with sands washed away by the marine current of the Atlantic Ocean, in a gradual process that took several years and that At first, it did not attract attention because there was a high cliff where the waters exceeded five meters deep.

In the 50s and 60s, this place was a kind of landfill where rubbish was deposited from a slaughterhouse that attracted sharks that roamed the area.

In this case, the tourist entrepreneur Juan Perdomo expressed “I remember going to that place in the year 1970 and I noticed that the depth of these waters were some 5 meters. My parents had a house facing the sea very close and we always went there to see the sharks. ”

Perdomo who was one of the promoters of the project that was executed by the Mayoress of Sosúa; Licentiate Ilana Newmann, to build a beautiful park in front of the beach that now serves as a point of view of the extraordinary gift of the sea, indicates that “Alicia” is the new beach of Sosúa and the last one registered in the inventory of natural marine attractions in the North Coast.

This beach currently, along with the park, is one of the most attractive places in Sosúa and almost an obligatory point of interest for all the people who visit this emblematic tourist community near Puerto Plata.