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Bourbon Street-Cajun Chop House Restaurant

There is no denying that New Orleans has a culture and feel about it that sets it apart from anywhere else in the world. This restaurant, named for the fame Bourbon Street, brings that atmosphere to the Caribbean in a cozy setting and with all of the town’s best-loved food.


You will find all of the classic Cajun dishes that Louisiana is known for, including gumbo, shrimp and grits, crab cakes, and more.

Bourbon Street Cajun Restaurant is a popular bar and grill that happens to specialize in Cajun cuisine. Expert chefs are known to plate some beautiful meals in their kitchen, as this restaurant is considered to be of “fine dining” standards.


This restaurant is on the premises of Ahnvee Resort is found just inside the heart of Ahnvee Resort.

If you are looking to combine your restaurant visit with some nice sightseeing opportunities, there are a few worthwhile sites within reach of the restaurant, like Museo De La Comunidad Judía De Sosúa.

Something else to try besides the food this area is Alicia Beach, the closest beach, where visitors can stop and truly take in the scenery.

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Many vacationers believe that a variety is certainly something you want to take advantage of when traveling to any part of the world. With that being said, guests really love that this part of the Dominican Republic is overflowing with fast-service and sit-down restaurants that serve up everything from tame to unusual food.

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Location:  Calle Pedro Clisante, Sosua, the Dominican Republic


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