Our small town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic has much to be thankful for perfect weather, beautiful people, constant wind, fruits that grow wild everywhere. Of all the blessings that exist in this small town, surfers should be grateful for Playa Encuentro, which is one of our Pride and Happiness. We will talk about the general atmosphere of the beach and describe the different peaks in this excellent surf destination.

Playa Encuentro is located a short drive west of the city of Puerto Plata and about 10 minutes from the small town of Sosua.

Encuentro is a perfect beach for surfers of all levels, for beginners, it is ideal to learn how to catch waves and have your first rides, what you want to remember is that if you are excited to learn to surf, you can come at any time to get individual instructions and stand on the waves. In addition, for the experts, their big waves will make them vibrate with emotion; come for the excellent waves during the hurricane season.

Encuentro´s peaks

Destroyer: As the name implies, this shallow peak is dangerous. Surf currents have challenged the best swimmers. When the conditions are perfect, the locals sail here to avoid the crowd. If you are not an advanced surfer, check out some of the other peaks instead; take the shallow water and the sharp and jagged corals should not lightly. This peak works best with a swell from the north.

Left: on a beach with rights mainly, this peak goes to the left. The left tends to attract a multitude of highly trained surfers because it only works on a good day and brings barrels tight and fast (since the floor is mostly sand with reef patches). This peak works best with a North Swell.

The right: Located in front of the stretch between the restaurant and Chino’s surf school, this is the central peak of Encuentro. Beginners are not allowed to surf here (for their safety), and inexperienced surfers are recommended to surf elsewhere as the locals here take their waves seriously. You can take lefts here too. This peak works best with a North East Swell.

Bobo’s Point (also known as 3-2-1):

Mainly a right that can go to the left. Beginners surf in the lime and they are asked to stay here. The alignment is less crowded here than the right, as most surfers want to avoid beginners. This peak works best with a North East Swell.

Coco Pipe: In the big days, Coco Pipe breaks bigger and breaks waves of world class. Beginners should not surf here since the water is shallow. This peak works best with a North Swell.

Playa encuentro has a lot to offer to vacationers and surfers alike. Whether or not you want to ride the multiple peaks of this beautiful beach, the cold atmosphere and tropical surroundings make it the perfect place to enjoy your morning.


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